Frequently asked questions

Is there any charge to place a machine at our place of business?

There’s NO charge to place your machine. We place it at no cost to the customer.

How much electricity does a vending machine take?

All Ace Vending equipment uses Energy Star which saves considerable energy. Soda and food machines run on the same amount of power as a modern refrigerator with energy star. Snack machines use much less because they do not have compressors.

Who decides what you put in your vending machines?

Ace Vending has a wide variety of the most popular items in our machines. However, never hesitate to ask for a special request and we’ll see what we can do. Check out our products on the website.

How often will you service our machines?

Because of the Streamware technology we use, we are able to determine how often your machine will need to be serviced whether it’s every day, once a week or once a month. Of course if your business has a busy season or out of the ordinary traffic, just call us and we’ll fill it sooner.

What if we have a problem with our machine?

It’s simple. You call the number on the machine, tell us what’s happening and we’ll dispatch it out right away to our Service Managers. Most calls placed before noon will get fixed that day. Calls placed after noon may be fixed the following day. Email and text are also a way of communicating problems to us.

Who will service our Machines?

Ace hires and trains professional courteous route managers. Our employees are clean cut and wear nice uniforms. Ace Vending does not subcontract with any other companies for service. You will have one point of contact.

What if we require security clearance for our facility?

No problem. Ace vending employees have passed back ground checks and are required to pass random drug tests. We will submit them to your security clearance.

Does Ace Vending sell vending machines?

No. We place and service our own equipment. We do not repair or sell vending equipment.

Delivery Timing and Method:

Please allow 1 business day for processing of your order. Orders will be delivered within 2-3 business days via Ace Vending’s courier.

Return Policy:

We believe in our product and 100% customer satisfaction. Please call us at 602-453-0304 if you are unhappy with anything so that we may resolve the issue within a timely fashion. Requests for exchange or replacements or refunds must be made within 3 business days after delivery is made.

Privacy Policy:

Thank you for being a valued customer of Ace Vending. We do not sell or share any information collected on this site.

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